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THE EVERTZ GROUP은 철강 생산을 위한 뛰어난 기술력과 지속적인 개선을 통해 최고의 철강 및 알루미늄 엔지니어링 제품을 생산합니다. 자체 공장 및 제철소를 보유하고 철강 및 알루미늄 엔지니어링 및 플랜트 건설사업에 주력하고 있습니다.


Basis for Evertz Hydrotechnik descaling valves and descaling systems constitutes our basic valve program:
  2/2 way cartridge valves
  2/2 way built check valves
  Check valve inserts (manual or motorized)
  Storage completion valve inserts
  3/2 way pilot valves

for the following standard operating conditions:
  Media: Water, water-oil emulsions, synthetic oils, corrosive media, hydraulic oil, compressed air
  Pressures: Standard 0 to 350 bar (max up to 800 bar)
  Nominal sizes: DN3 to DN250
  Temperatures: max. Operating temperature 0 to + 70 ° C; Max. Ambient temperature: 0 to + 60 ° C

Furthermore, a number individually to the particular application developed special valves available:
  Pressure relief / pressure reducing valves
  Proportional valves
  pilot operated check valves
  and much more

If you have a request outside of our standards, then we will develop a solution for you!

Descaling valve, for example, as

  Single valve (switching valve)
  Descaling valve unit (switching valve + check valve)
  Descaling valve unit as a redundant system (see photo)

Descaling, e.g. incl.

  Auto. Width adjustment for different billet widths
  individually switchable nozzle

Memory port valve, for example, as

  Single valve (switching valve)
  Memory close valve unit (switching valve + check valve)

High-pressure reservoir, e.g. incl.

  Radar level measurement

Pump circulation valve, for example, incl.

  2/2 way check valve
  manual shutoff valve
  2/2 way switching valve
  minimum quantities throttle

Other accessories, such as

  Electrical control
  High Pressure Pumps
  Remove station
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