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THE EVERTZ GROUP은 철강 생산을 위한 뛰어난 기술력과 지속적인 개선을 통해 최고의 철강 및 알루미늄 엔지니어링 제품을 생산합니다. 자체 공장 및 제철소를 보유하고 철강 및 알루미늄 엔지니어링 및 플랜트 건설사업에 주력하고 있습니다.


Before semi-finished steel-made material by rolling or forging can be treated with further processing, certain parts and defects might have to be sparked out. Sometimes a subsequent grinding of the complete surface of slabs and billets is necessary, too. Even in other areas of steel treatment, grinding is often preferred over other surface-treatment procedures.

Our specialization includes the job grinding of slabs, blooms, billets, sheet bars, ingots, etc., achieving the correct quality of surface finish for specifications using axial, radial and cup grinding wheels. Depth of roughness ranging from 160µ to 30µ ispossible, as well as hot grinding, 45° grinding angle and special ground-surface patterns.

It's not a coincidence that we've been able to combine quality and affordability. Evertz integrates the know-how of a grinding-machine producer with the experience of a grinding service. We grind for you - anywhere and anytime!


From good semi-finished products to excellent finished workpieces, Evertz technology puts you on the right road from the start.

All-round grind-scalping ensures cross-sectional accuracy and clearly defined drafting as the preconditions for high-grade forging. As part of its comprehensive range of services, Evertz Mechanical Engineering takes over all operating departments, such as finishing-line shops, flame-scarfing shops, grinding shops, slitting and cross-cutting shops, as well as the maintenance and repair services. Work is carried out with Evertz technology using our machines on-site or in our own production facilities.

To ensure that the high requirements for billet grinding are met, the Evertz Group has introduced a new machining technology: grind-scalping for billets.

  Adherence to contours
  Precision drafting
  Constant cross sections
  Adherence to weight per meter
  Constant weight when cold-cutting
  Machining of round and square cross sections

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