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THE EVERTZ GROUP은 철강 생산을 위한 뛰어난 기술력과 지속적인 개선을 통해 최고의 철강 및 알루미늄 엔지니어링 제품을 생산합니다. 자체 공장 및 제철소를 보유하고 철강 및 알루미늄 엔지니어링 및 플랜트 건설사업에 주력하고 있습니다.


Taking into account your individual requirements and specifications we design and manufacture complete systems comprising spray valves with integrated spray nozzle, spray bars and control cabinets incl. The major bus connections.

In the field of hot and cold rolling plants, the multi-zone cooling is used for the production of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal sheets. This 2/2-way spray valves with the division 13, 26 or 52mm are arranged over the entire roll width to selectively cool the rolls in certain areas and thus to regulate the sheet thickness in a narrow tolerance range.

Fast switching, reliable spray valves are necessary for this process, as they are custom designed, manufactured and sold by Evertz HYDROTECHNIK.

The valves can be piloted both by means of its own medium as well as foreign media.

Standard operating conditions:
  Media: emulsion, rolling oil (kerosene)
  Pressures: Standard 0 to 10 bar (max up to 16 bar)
  Nominal widths spray valves: DN5, DN8, DN12, DN16
  Temperatures: max. Operating temperature 0 to + 70 ° C (Hot Edge and + 100 ° C.); Max. Ambient temperature: 0 to + 60 ° C

If you have a request outside of our standards, then we will develop a solution for you!


Spray valves

for every application, also for aggressive, heavily soiled media:

  Spray valve DN 5 / DN 8 / DN 12 / DN16 PN16
  Membrane spray valve DN 12 / DN16 PN16
  Spray valve 2: 1 DN8 / DN16 PN16
  Smallest division: DN5-13mm, DN8 / DN12-25mm, DN12 / DN16-52mm
  Proportional cooling valve DN25 PN16 , 24VDC 25W
  Smallest division: DN25 - 52mm
  Cooling Volume: min. 12 l / min - max. 180 l / min

Remote-controlled spray valve system

EHSr Electrohydraulic System remotely
EPSr Electropneumatic System remotely

  compact Sprühbalkenkonstruktion (according to customer requirements)
  distinctive, fully enclosed pneumatic connectors sheathed
  flexible multi-control line with a unique multi-coupling, with stainless steel protection tube
  Multiple control lines made of special, extremely heat-resistant material
  compact cabinet with fieldbus (according to customer requirements)
  different angles of inclination and nozzles according to customer requirements
  Nozzles hidden in the valve cover integrated, however, individually replaceable

Proportional controlled spray valve system

  adjustable flow
  Steuerung per SPS-System
  Internal regulation of the flow rate
  Feedback of the valve parameters
  Complete system with spray bar, proportional cooling valves, valve-control module, ...

Direct operated spray valve system

EHSd Electrohydraulic System directly
EPSd Electropneumatic System directly

  System Directly fully enclosed system on beam
  distinctive connector IP68 with special sheathing (also available in stainless steel)
  Compact spray, flexible design, can therefore be used for different installation spaces
  different angles of inclination and nozzles according to customer requirements
  compact cabinet with fieldbus (according to customer requirements)
  extremely short switching times of the spray valves as pilot valves mounted directly on the beams
  Nozzles hidden in the valve cover integrated, however, individually replaceable

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